Mouse Exercises

Practice these mouse exercises to improve your mouse skills. You might learn these techniques quickly or need more time to master the precision of using a mouse. Select and practice exercises as needed. You don’t have to go through every exercise, just pick and choose the ones that fit your needs. Move the mouse so the cursor is over the red text and click the left mouse button to try each exercise.

Exercise 1: Very basic point and click exercise.

Exercise 2: Basic exercises for different types of clicking (left, right and double), as well as scrolling, dragging and highlighting words.

Exercise 3: This is a great mouse exercise for beginners. The exercise allows students to practice basic mouse coordination and speed through a fun bubble-popping game. The exercise helps students get familiar with moving the mouse as they practice using the pointer.

Exercise 4: “Mousercise” Mouse placement and clicking exercises and some click precision (students must navigate pointer through a maze). Also includes double-clicking, slide bars, scroll bars and scroll wheel use. At the end students are asked to type their name into a text box and a certificate is displayed on screen.

Exercise 5: Lots of simple point and click games.

Exercise 6: Gives a brief written overview of the mouse and cursor types before providing short exercises on clicking, dragging, right-click, scrolling and drop-down menus. Also includes pop-up windows and double-clicking to open something.

Exercise 7: “Mousearobics” Begins with basic point and click exercises. Introduces buttons, check boxes and drop-down menu. Teaches scroll-bars, pop-up windows and a very basic fill-in form. Also includes high-lighting with the mouse and copy-pasting.

Mouse Games

Here are some fun games to practice mouse movement, clicking and dragging. They are very basic, easy and entertaining. Try “Wings Over Water” for basic mouse moving, “BubbleBees” for clicking and “Carrot Track” for clicking and dragging.

Some other good games to try are Boople’s Colors and Egg Hunt.

For something different, practice drop-and-drag by completing this simple jigsaw puzzle.